This area of the RoundTable.media site is about Curated Videos. The idea is to share our members' work in an organized screening room—along with media from other sources we think can benefit you: whether noteworthy examples of the art form either technical or creative, important industry information or useful tutorials.   

You may upload links (youTube, Vimeo, etc) to a video YOU Produced (or worked on) which you think fit these criteria. Please pick an appropriate category and be sure to fill out some text to explain why you're posting it, what's notable about it, etc.

REMEMBER IT's NOT YOUR PERSONAL YouTube CHANNEL! ...and we curate Video Share to keep the standards reasonably high and prevent abuse.

We have structured a number of categories that pertain to our industry—about 16 to start. I am sure there are more categories which we'll find appropriate as we grow—and as YOU suggest them! We will be adding videos from other online sources, as well as video we create for your information.

HEY, THIS IS IMPORTANT—There are TWO OTHER areas where you can post your own videos on the site. If you have created a Directory Listing, you can, with a Silver or Gold listing, insert videos into your directory listing. That's a cool idea and you really ought to do it. If you have created a Community Profile, you can post videos in the Community Pages.

What are you waiting for?