We hope you are not having any issues with the site, but if you are we certainly want to help!

Some call it Support, we call it Help, but either way we want this site to work for you. Start with our posted Help Articles. If you don't find the answer you need then contact us directly. Here's the details:

HELP (located under ABOUT in the black footer at the bottom of every page) offers a list of articles to explain things and offer tips to using RoundTable.media. We expect these articles to answer many questions you may have. As you can see, we've posted a number of Help Articles (like this one) designed to be helpful and, as Ricky Ricardo would say, "to 'splain stuff."  Let us know if there's more 'splainin' needed!  The way to do that is via contact us -- aka, the contact form.

CONTACT US is also located under ABOUT in the black footer at the bottom of every page. More conveiently, it is also located under your name in the pulldown menu which is your Personal Account Manager, though it doesn't really have a label. Of course, you have to be a registered member and be Logged In to access the Personal Account Manager.

Sending us an email from Contact Us --aka the CONTACT FORM-- is simple and can be used for just about anything including technical issues and suggestions you have to improve the site. You'll notice that as we are still in beta we've got our three admin names up there. Doesn't matter which one you choose. One of us will get back to you to help solve your problem. Just be sure to give us plenty of information so we can figure it out!

We also expect to have an FAQ online in the Help pages by the time we end our beta trials.  Until then, we appreciate you bringing any problems to our attention through an email via CONTACT US