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A Press Release is free Advertising disguised as news. OK, call it Promotion if you like, but it gets picked up and repeated by the 'Press', which today includes bloggers and more—all because it's got something newsworthy or interesting in it. If you are in business—as a company or an individual—you should be doing press releases! Magazines, newspapers, trade press, blogs, radio, TV, and more use press releases for content—people WANT them!

A friend recently told me she thought every tweet (the good ones, anyway) could be the headline of a Press Release. That's how simple the concept is. The words you use to fill the page are support material for that headline! Just Make it a story.


First find the hook—the headline. Of course it's all about YOU, but like any first date you've got to make them (in this case the reader) think it's all about them! So find an angle for your headline and story which will be of interest to the world. It doesn't have to be earth-shattering news, just interesting. Sometimes just inverting the content will change the focus from you to make it more interesting to others.

Instead of, Joe Smith Productions Bags a Top Advertising Client, turn it around to read: National Advertiser Outlines Why they Chose Their Recent Supplier! …and add the sub-headline: Joe Smith Productions Exceeded Requirements…or something similar.

So here are my four simple rules for a good press release

1. Have a newsworthy story and make the headline intriguing.
2. Write it like a reporter would: in third person—and factual
3. Be concise and use simple language -- no jargon!
4. Provide some good quotes. It humanizes the story. Make them up if you need to, (Not the person but the quote) but always get permission from the person you are quoting—whether the words are real or made up. Once they give you permission to 'put words in their mouth' it is a legitimate quote.

Oh, one more rule… Don't use Quote Marks (") around titles—only around actual words said by someone! That Drives Me crazy!


RoundTable.Media hasn't quite gotten around to creating the path to push your press releases out to the hungering hordes —not just yet. (When we do it will be fabulous, I assure you. Probably some time in the 2nd quarter…) but that doesn't mean you can't start creating them and posting them HERE and on your own website…and facebook and Linked-in etc…FOR FREE!!! (yes, the very same cost as a tweet!)

There's lots of advice on the web. I've listed three good links here…

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