The Changing Face of Professional Organizations

Since the end of World War II, professionals in all endeavors often found a great way to expand their contact with people who share similar interests was by joining professional organizations. Not only was it a place to network with others for possible job opportunities, it was a primary source to become exposed to new products and services that were available in their specialty. It was no different for people working in film, TV, radio, theater or print—what we today call 'the Media'.

For media professionals there were a handful of universities and fewer still community colleges that offered media or film studies. Today, there are hundreds of 4 year, community college, and even high school programs that offer quality training and the opportunity to network. With growing student bodies that go out into the workforce, their fellow students make an excellent network to look for job opportunities.

With the dawn of the 21st Century there was also a seismic shift to freelance workers who don’t have a large organization’s support paying membership fees and paid time-off so they can participate in professional organizations. These independents are less likely to spend spare time to go to an evening meeting or weekend get together.

Add to all that, along came the Internet. Online training, much of it high quality, on just about any topic is either free from YouTube, manufacturers, Creative Cow, Digi Media Pros (and) or others for a modest cost from the likes of

With newcomers and old-timers alike increasingly using the Internet for research, finding rental equipment, etc, it is only natural that the professional organization that is likely to attract them is virtual organization available 24/7. RoundTable.Media is the newest of these.

Another way to think about us is Roundtable.Media is an online version of the kind of services a brick & mortar non-profit organization provides.

While not a totally new idea, we think you’ll really like the full feature set, some even unique, that makes your participation of real value to you. Some of these features are:

  • Daily feeds from almost 20 top publications to keep you informed of trends and industry news.
  • A Social section helps you to make friends and share opinions --
  • Need help? Scour the Professional Directory by category to find an experienced pro
  • Promote yourself. Post your best media -- video and audio files-- in the video gallery and they will show up in your social profile!
  • Get Google juice (help Google find you with it's search engine) easily by participating! The trick is posting links to all your websites, twitter accounts, FB and YouTube etc in every section--social, Directory and blogs!
  • Issue Press Releases about yourself. Tell the world about your successes and unique capabilities.

Special thanks to my partner John Coleman to his insightful edits.

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Monday, 18 June 2018
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