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Comics reflect reality - if the corporate world took a lesson from sports, it might be like this.

ICYMI - All 3 major indices closed at record highs on Wall St. today. Dow closing in on 23,000.

TV ratings - MNF (Oct 9) down 17% on @ESPN. Thursday on @CBS down 5% from prior week, on par w prior year. Sunday night marginal increase over prior... Show more

Weekend Box office - Domestic, in Ms
1 Happy Death Day $26.50
2 Blade Runner 15.1
3 Foreigner 12.8
4 IT 6
5 The Mountain Between Us 5.6

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Comics reflect reality - people have different work styles, but I am amazed at times as to those who do not maintain a basic to do list.

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Comics reflect reality - In today's mobile world there's an app for just about everything, practical or not, pricey or not.

Tracking the numbers - Dow & S&P close up for the 5th & Nasdaq 3rd consecutive week. Nasdaq hits record high. Dow & S&P not far below their closing... Show more

Consumer confidence at a 13 year high, far exceeding analysts’ estimates.

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Industry consolidation - Fandango to acquire rival Online ticket purchase has made a difference in the industry, avoiding lines,... Show more

A hearty congrats to Joe Letteri on being honored by @VFXSociety with the Georges Melies Award. He is someone who made a difference. Well deserved.

Marty Shindler shared a photo. 3 days ago

Comics reflect reality - it will happen in the not too distant future - reading glasses or to put it another way, glasses for the masses that read.

Report: Goldman Sachs considering selling its stake in the Weinstein library. Having valued several libraries in the past, I am interested in... Show more

Streaming media announcement - soon the entire 200K vinyl record collection of the Boston Public Library @BPLBoston will be available for free. Many... Show more

Weeks ago, the Reporter’s cover stated: everyone from Jennifer Anniston & Steven Spielberg are salivating on selling the first big show to Apple... Show more

TV ratings for MNF NFL down 17% from prior week & represents a regular season low for @espn. SNF was also season low @NBC

Sitting in on Humans & Exploration to Mars, the Moon and Near Earth Asteroids - the Near Future, the Future and the Extended Future panel... Show more

Counter to the Nokia announcement?

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Nokia halts Ozo VR camera development, announces 310 layoffs. Are we in the Gartner Trough of Disillusionment?