Do VO People Really Have More Fun?

Chuck Anne G Stacy 1Chuck is THE Producer Director at Chuck Duran at Demos That Rock and Guitarist For Rock Sugar. He and stacy have done hundreds of interviews with top VO talent as you will see when you visit their site, Stacy J. Aswad is a multi-talented threat (or should that be TREAT?) as an actress, spokesperson and VO artist. (just LOVE her Voice! do hundreds of National Sponsors!)  Anyway, their friend, (or victim) Joe Cipriano is one of the busiest guys in VO.(Is there any Sitcom for which he hasn't yet done a promo?) and a willing accomplice here. No matter what your role in media you'll enjoy this video. Thanks to Anne Ganguzza  (seen here lovingly crushed between by Chuck and Stacy) of VO Peeps for leading me to it!

Agents of Negativity
The Changing Face of Professional Organizations


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Friday, 22 June 2018
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