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Never looking back - @PWC says sports media rights to surpass gate revenue for first time. It won’t happen till ‘18, but the trend is clear.

Streaming media announcement of the day - NFL reaches a $500M annual deal with Verizon to stream games to mobile devices. #acceleratingtippingpoint

Weekend box office - w Coco #1 ($18.3M) for 3 weeks & Jedi out on Friday, it is an extended Disney #1 streak. I suspect there is a stat as to the #... Show more

Another development in the changing face of US exhibition. Will it work? How will it impact profits? Will producers take a cut in their take, too?... Show more

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DISH CEO Charlie Ergen a major proponent of buying spectrum with a focus toward the wireless industry, has announced relinquishing the CEO role to... Show more

Weekend box office led again by Coco with $26.1M, Justice League #2 with $16.1M, Wonder #3 $12.5M. YTD down 3.9% from ‘16. Unless Star Wars does... Show more

Cinema Park Studios Atlanta festivities kicking off. Great turnout for the opening day.

Marty Shindler shared a photo. 2 weeks ago

Comics reflect reality - sometimes two people analyzing the same data can reach different conclusions.

Marty Shindler shared a photo. 2 weeks ago

Comics reflect reality - financial projections put into financial terms an organization’s goals and objectives. It starts with well thought out... Show more

Disney news of the day - ESPN laying off 150 in latest round.

Tracking the numbers - 3Q GDP revised up to 3.3% from 3% as the markets open at record levels. Will that hold today? TBD. Markets on 24000 watch.

Heading to Atlanta this week for the opening of Cinema Park Studios. In addition to the festivities, I’ll be moderating a panel entitled Setting up... Show more

The many business & management issues, including the recent hack, that have plagued Uber may have caught up with them. Softbank is considering an... Show more

Almost under the media radar, Entecom has completed its acquisition of CBS Radio. Radio is still a force in media and was a vital link during the... Show more

Weekend box office - Justice League far short of expectations w only $96M. Per LA Times, "about $300 million to make, plus marketing spending." That is a... Show more

Indicative of the changing exhibition market, MoviePass cuts prices, offers $6.95 a month plan for unlimited movies

Comcast is the latest suitor for Fox TV and movie assets. Last year Fox was seeking to acquire Time Warner, which AT&T may yet snag. Watching how... Show more

Received a Nokia email today with a “Last chance to purchase an OZO” subject line. The kickoff event for the camera was November 30, 2015.

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Comics reflect reality - AI has impacted us on a day to day basis through our many devices more than many believe. In due time AI will teach us a... Show more

Accelerating toward tipping point - many video subscription services available, but the majority of buyers want the top 4 as HBO continues its move... Show more