Our Ad System Specifications

ad positionsWe are using standard IAB ad specs on this site, so if you already have ads designed, they should fit right in. The following is the list of the IAB standard sizes.

Horizontal Online Banner Ad Sizes

728 x 90 Leaderboard

Rectangular Online Ad Banner Sizes

300 x 250 Medium Rectangle

Square Online Ad Banner Sizes

125 x 125 Button

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Mission Statement

The Mission of RoundTable.Media is to bring together professionals working in every corner of the media landscape for networking and collaboration by providing Media Professionals with functionality which helps them grow their expertise and business by providing original content and curating valuable information.Like the Classic RoundTable discussi...
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Our Origin Story

Years ago, when I began working fulltime in the production and post-production industry, I was fortunate to have access to a local organization that was composed of media professionals, shooters, editors, graphics, sound, and many more fields were represented. I have made quite a few lifelong friends from that group.

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