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Box office - Kingsmen opens to $39M Dom + $61M Int’l. IT strong w $30 for 2nd. Ninjago only $21.2M for 3rd

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Comics reflect reality - Sometimes it seems there is no limit to what Amazon can do. What’s next?

Accelerating the march toward tipping point - AI push by Google…

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NFL ratings - another weekend lower than last year. Kneeling cited by 30% in survey. Wall St taking note. Could this filter down to lower player... Show more

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As the day winds down, Roberta and I wish our friends, family and all those observing the Jewish New Year, a hearty L’Shana Tova to all.

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Comics reflect reality - Binge watching is not easy, but someone has to do it. Is there an answer to the question posed?

Accelerating the Tipping Point, our latest newsletter, blasted out yesterday. Read it here if you are not on the Shindler list.

TV ratings - Emmy’s effectively even w all time low in ‘16, which was down 5% from ‘15. 18 - 49 demo down 10%. Is this a predictor for the Golden... Show more

TV ratings - Sunday Night Football down 8% Y/Y, which in turn was down 15% from ‘15. No Irma coverage this week. Wondering if the trend this season... Show more

Weekend box office - Although I’m not a horror movie fan, it is impressive to see IT as #1 again w $60M, American Assassin #2 w $14.8M, mother #3... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - It happens all the time - people who may be listening but do not really hear the conversation.

Tracking the numbers - TV viewing and ratings are far different outside of So Cal, SF, MA, NY and a couple of other locations.

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Future of film - the theatrical is under pressure. We discuss @DigitalHwood. Great panel. Oct 11. See you there.

TV ratings - business channels are a competitive niche. CNBC established the segment, but Fox Business has won the ratings for 14 straight weeks... Show more

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Theatrical windows are always a hot topic, especially in the current box office environment. This is an interesting read.

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Headline: “Barry Diller Pulls Plug on Plans for $250M Floating Island In Hudson River.” Sub heading should be “it goes down the drain.”

Streaming media announcement - Sports, namely ESPN drives up the $ on cable bundles. Discovery, AMC, A&E, Viacom working on a JV sports free skinny... Show more

NFL overall ratings down in week 1. Thur & Sun day down, SNF up. MNF down on ESPN. League says cable news and hurricane coverage is the reason. Agree?

Interesting headline: “Phil Lord, Chris Miller Developing Single-Cam Comedy at ABC With Significant Penalty Attached.” Guess they no longer trust... Show more

Days after @Disney announces JJ Abrams taking over as Director of Star Wars EP IX, they move the release date delay to Dec ‘19 from May ‘19. Good... Show more