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Comics reflect reality - Robbery in the digital age.

Tracking the numbers - Incredibles 2 w $180M has the best animated opening ever! 31% of attendees were non-parent adult, a key demo for animation... Show more

Tracking the numbers - it’s looking as though Incredibles 2 will hit $170 - $180 M for the weekend, all based on the huge $71.5M on Friday.

When there is blurb in the Friday LA Times Calendar that “review for X is delayed” it is ALWAYS a sign of trouble. Such was the case with John... Show more

A quick and very worthwhile read from David Bloom​.

The Hollywood of tomorrow is going to be far different than that of today, in all sorts of ways...
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Post finalizing the TW acquisition, John Stankey, lead AT&T executive said, “the company will be aggressive when it comes to acquiring content and... Show more

Streaming media announcement of the day - Oprah signs w Apple to produce original content.

Apple is beginning to flex its muscles and dig into its...
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Tracking the numbers - @CNBC reports the U of Michigan index of consumer sentiment is at 99.3 for June, a 3 month high.

This is a good sign for Q2...
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Incentives are a fundamental part of what fuels production of content. Milken issued a new report on the topic today and according to the LA Times,... Show more

Tracking the numbers - Reading the reports on yesterday’s Fed rate announcement, the Fed anticipates the unemployment rate going to 3.6% from the... Show more

.@Astro_Feustel & @Astro_Ricky installing new HD cameras today on @Space_Station #spacewalk to support future commercial flights. We called it... Show more

Noting the possibility that Comcast could have its name on 2 of the top 10 (or 11) M&A deals of all time, it is interesting to note that the largest... Show more

Tracking the numbers - If Comcast succeeds in its bid to acquire Fox, it will have 2 acquisitions in the top 10 (or 11 depending on how this pricing... Show more

AT&T approved by the court to acquire Time Warner. It is going to be very interesting watching whether Disney or Comcast acquires Fox.

Weekend box office - Ocean’s 8 opens with $41.8M domestic & $12.2M Int’l. Others:

2. Solo $15.2M
3. Deadpool 2 $13.8M
4. Hereditary $13M
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Comics reflect reality - As AI progresses, AI experts predict it will develop its own sentiment. And thus, Artificial Indifference, a new term is... Show more

Nits, bits and other tidbits – takeaways from SID’s Display Week 2018 - our latest blog has been posted.

For all bicyclists, I thought you might find this blog which gives ideas on how to do a bike tour of the SoCal coast to be of interest. Check out... Show more

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ICYMI the video from my recent Future of Film panel @DigitalHwood is now available with:

Matthew Bakal, @AtomTickets
Paul Dergarabedian, @comScore...
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Comics reflect reality - there are some who think they must text everywhere, everytime for nearly everything.