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Tracking the numbers - The Awards season is not off to a good start with the Emmy’s TV ratings down 10% from last year when it was only .1 higher... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - another example of how digital has taken over to the detriment of the analog methods.

We all have access to calculators on...
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Under the radar announced late Friday - Panavision and Sim Video International have been acquired by Saban Capital Acquisition for $622M and will... Show more

Weekend box office - a not so robust #1 for Predator with $24M. The rest of the top 5:
2. The Nun $18M
3. A Simple Favor $16M
4. White Boy Rick...
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.@SpaceX will announce on Monday who has signed up to be its first around the moon tourist. The person will not be the first space tourist.

Quiz: Do...
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Comics reflect reality - for digital natives and for many others, the digital world takes over to the exclusion of analog.

Trends in the marketplace - Switzerland is allowing its OTA channels to discontinue the service by the end of 2019, the first in Europe to do so... Show more

Indicative of the importance of and reliance on our cell phones, for many of us the only phone we use, is how the various carriers are preparing for... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - another example of democratization of content, a concept we wrote about recently. I do not see monetization at work here,... Show more

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Comics reflect reality - there is no shortage of ways to remember passwords. This is one unique idea.

What happens, though, when the site requires a...
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Imax struck a deal to build 14 new laser theaters in China where they already have a sizable footprint. Will this be a factor that enables China to... Show more

A belated Le Shana Tova - Happy New Year to all of our family, friends, clients and others who are observing the holiday.

Tracking the numbers - Summer box office total $4.39B is up 14.4% and August was up 30% over 2017. YTD is up 9.9% over the weak 2017. Disney... Show more

Weekend box office - Crazy Rich Asians, #1 again with $28M, shows how a good movie & word of mouth drive $$.
2. The Meg, $13.4M
3. Mission:...
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As summer comes to a close, I have completed another book on my reading list: The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by @BradStone... Show more

Technology and the companies that create it have been set up in a wide variety of locations, not just Silicon Valley & they are closing the gap due... Show more

Our latest blog, Siggraph Snippets has been posted. Check it out.

Very positive reviews are being released for the forthcoming First Man. It is high on my list of “want to see.” Is it on yours?

We saw 2001: A Space...
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Hollywood Reporter headline: “Netflix Mulls Giving Alfonso Cuaron's 'Roma' an Exclusive Theatrical Run.” Could the surging box office prompt the... Show more

Tracking the numbers - Q2 GDP 2nd estimate comes in at 4.2%. This ties to yesterday's announcement that August Consumer Confidence was up, highest... Show more